Solar Water Heaters

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Solar water heaters can be a great investment because they offer a virtually cost-free and renewable energy source for one of the home’s top energy-users. But because the feasibility and benefits of a solar water heater depend on a number of variables including where you live, roof orientation, and how many people live in the house, it takes extra savvy to know what the costs and savings will be.


The initial cost of a solar water heater is still much higher than other competing technologies, but if one can make the upfront investment (made easier by tax breaks and rebates), it can save 50–75% of the water heating energy over the long term.


Areas that receive sun consistently for 3 or more seasons will not only save more energy, but consumers are likely to have more products to choose from at lower costs. It is important to find a qualified installer who can properly design and size the back-up water heating system.