What our clients are saying...

"I appreciate how quickly you did this and I also look forward to working together with you in the future."   

- Vince S.


"Thanks! You really provide excellent service and I will spread the word."   

- Andrea K.


"Great job! Thanks once again for a super service. I appreciated the JPEG output from you - saves storing extra files and doing translations at this end. I’ll call on you when I get another one ready." 

- Jeffrey S.


"Thanks for the VERY fast response."   

- David F.


"Just to keep you updated, we were advised today that our permit will be ready to be picked up for our project tomorrow. Thanks for your assistance. We will definitely do more work together."   

- Paul L.


"Thank you very much. I was very satisfied with the results… and the price."   

- Chas C.


"Thank you for your fast response and delivery."   

- Miguel D.


"I have been so busy, I haven’t made time to thank you for your prompt and professional service. I appreciate you preparing the revised report. I plan to submit the report to the city next week, and I foresee no difficulties in obtaining the final permits."   

- Claudio P.


"Thank you for your prompt response as advertised!"   

- Frank D.


"Thank you for the prompt return. Look forward to doing business with you again."

- Dale Z.


"Thank you for sending me the report so fast."   

- Dimitris K.


"Thank you very much for getting these documents to us so soon. You were referred to us and we will definitely refer you to anyone who would need your kind of service." 

- Hector U.


"Thank you for the report, you guys are GOOD."    

- Tony A.


"Thank you very much. I will call you again for my next project."   

- David W.


"Just to let you know, everything went through plan check okay. I’ll keep you in mind for future work."   

- John R.


"Thank you for your speed in turning these calculations out. Most consultants do not work and turn as fast as you guys do. Continued success!"   

- Rick G.


"The permitting has gone flawlessly on both projects that you’ve assisted on. Thanks again for the good work."    

- Michael B.


"Wow, thanks for the quick response! Great report!"   

- Doug M.


"I would like to compliment you on your very informative website regarding Title 24."  

- Paul S.


"Wow that was quick, thank you!"    

- Neo L.


"We tried to pull our permits today and ran into some minor issues, but nothing to do with the energy calcs, those passed just fine. I recommended you guys to my plan checker. Thanks again for your help with our calcs."        

- Adam S.


"Thanks for the quick turn around on the report!"   

- Chris B.


"Thanks for your quick, reasonable and professional response to meeting my clients and my needs. I look forward to working with you in the near future."   

- Craig C.


"Thank you very much. I will call you again for my next project."

- David W.