Title 24 Report - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title 24?

In California, energy efficiency standards for residential and non-residential buildings were established by legislation in 1978 in order to reduce California's energy consumption. Building energy efficiency is addressed in Title 24, part 6 of the code manual. Before a city or county in California will grant a building permit they will ask that you submit a Title 24 energy report (also called Title 24 energy calculations). 


What is a Title 24 energy report?

A Title 24 energy report is a set of "prescriptive" or "performance" forms that verify your proposed building design complies with the California Title 24 energy standards. 


What information do the Title 24 forms contain?

The forms contain important information pertaining to the construction and energy efficiency of your home such as surface areas, insulation levels, window performance, heating & cooling systems, water heating, and much more. The "performance" forms include a complex energy calculation.


Can I prepare the Title 24 forms myself?

The forms are numerous and complicated and you would be limited to the “prescriptive” method of compliance.  A better, more flexible compliance approach is the “performance" method where details of the proposed construction are input into specialized software. The software calculates the minimum level of energy efficiency necessary for compliance then automatically creates the required compliance forms.


What is the “Prescriptive" Method?

This is a simpler method of compliance wherein each component of the house must meet a minimum energy-efficiency requirement with no exceptions or trade-offs. This method is not recommended for new homes and most additions and will result in over-insulating and installing expensive energy conservation measures. The prescriptive method limits the amount of glass allowed, and might call for special inspections.  These factors add significantly to construction costs.  The performance method eliminates these requirements and can save considerably on construction costs.


How do I get a Title 24 energy report?

First, you send us the information we’ll need for analysis.  Then, we input your information into our standardized, state-approved software; next we run the calculations generating the standard compliance forms; finally we e-mail the completed calculations and forms to you. You will also receive your Title 24 energy report via U.S. mail. 


What is the cost?

  • New homes, remodels, or additions up to 500 sq. ft. - $195
  • New homes, remodels, or additions 501-1000 sq. ft. - $225
  • New homes, remodels, or additions 1001-1500 sq. ft. - $255
  • New homes, remodels, or additions 1501-2500 sq. ft. - $285
  • New homes, remodels, or additions 2501-3500 sq. ft. - $315
  • New homes, remodels, or additions 3501-4500 sq. ft. - $345

Homes larger than 4500 sq. ft. are slightly more, please call for a quote.  Homes with unusual design features may be higher.  If you have a non-residential project, please call (888)828-9488 for a quote.


How long does it take?

Residential Title 24 energy reports can be prepared within a few hours if necessary. Normal turnaround time is 1 day. During periods of heavy order volume turnaround may be longer.


What do you need from me?

Architectural drawings that detail the scope of your project. Usually a floor plan and exterior elevation views are all that’s needed.


How do I send you my information?

The easiest way is to e-mail your information to us at service@title24express.com. Simply attach your drawings to your e-mail. The preferred file formats to use are DWG or PDF. Other ways to send your drawings are by fax, overnight carrier, or U.S. mail.


What do I receive?

You receive a set of standard forms, completely filled out and signed by a CEPE (Certified Energy Plans Examiner).  Your forms are guaranteed to satisfy your building department’s Title 24 energy report requirements.  Included in your residential Title 24 energy report are the CF-1R forms and MF-1R forms.


Will my building department accept the Title 24 forms you send?

Absolutely. The forms are in a standard format which are accepted by cities and counties throughout California.


Will my building department accept an e-mailed copy of my Title 24 report?

Yes. After you receive your Title 24 energy report by e-mail, you can print it out and submit it to your building department. The e-mailed Title 24 energy report will be signed by a certified energy consultant. We will also mail you a hard copy via first-class mail.


I need to exceed the Title 24 standard by 15%.  What does this mean?

Many cities and counties have enacted green building codes which require new homes and some remodels be 15% more energy-efficient than the minimum standard. This is easy to accomplish using the performance method. There is no additional fee for this option.


Why should I use your service?

Experience. You will receive prompt, attentive service by a trained CEPE (Certified Energy Plans Examiner).  We were among the first energy consulting companies to make energy calculations available over the Internet and have prepared thousands of Title 24 energy reports covering California. Our fees are affordable and we guarantee your Title 24 energy report will be approved by your building department.


Why is experience important?

If a Title 24 energy calculation is not performed correctly, your building department will reject it, causing delay in getting your building permit. More importantly, a faulty Title 24 energy report will mistakenly call out extra measures that could have been avoided such as increased insulation, high-efficiency HVAC equipment, a radiant barrier, special inspections, etc.  We think you, the designer, should be the one to decide on these optional upgrades, not your energy consultant.


How do I get started?

Call us toll-free at (888)828-9488 or simply e-mail your drawings to us at service@title24express.com.  An energy consultant will quickly contact you with a confirmation, quote, and turnaround time.